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Oakshaw was founded in 2014 to provide expert engineering consultancy focussed in industrial control systems. Since then, the company has successfully delivered large-scale engineering projects for clients including GE Renewable Energy, Bombardier Transportation, United Utilities, and many more. Oakshaw is currently engaged with the University of Cambridge.

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Control System Programming, Simulation and Modelling, Scripting, Software Testing, Technical Documentation.


Project Management, Leadership, Agile Delivery, Programme Management, Strategy, Change, Product Management.


Control Systems, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Built Environment, Data Visualisation, Digital Twins.

We are committed to delivering engineering excellence. We believe we are uniquely positioned to make a difference to our clients and deliver excellent results through leveraging our expertise across the energy, utilities, and manufacturing sectors. We are keen to partner with leading universities to develop the next generation of leaders in strategy and innovation.

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